Leadership Niagara


Coaching & Mentoring Program

Leadership Niagara provides current class members with an opportunity to participate in its Coaching and Mentoring program.  Designed in 2010 to build capacity and create sustainable leadership, the program continues to grow and serves as a model to community leadership development programs nationwide.

The Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP) provides leadership development, as well as personal and professional coaching and mentoring competencies.  Participation is voluntary and begins upon review of an application, personal assessments, and a structured matching process. Mentors are 

carefully selected from Leadership Niagara's network and matched with a class member for an entire year.  


The relationship with a mentor formally concludes upon graduation from Leadership Niagara, yet the objective is for graduates to continue to seek out mentors in all aspects of their lives, and to serve as a mentor to others. Group coaching and mentoring is available for youth and adults.


Benefits of having a mentor:

  • Career Growth
  • Develop your aspirations and optimism about future opportunities
  • Raise your level of achievement
  • Learn new and different perspectives on issues that concern you
  • Gain insight into real world experiences
  • Develop more specific career and leadership goals
  • Provides a forum to discuss professional and personal issues


Why do you need a mentor?

  • You will gain invaluable insight beyond your own education and experience when participating in a mentoring program such as this one, which is modeled after those offered by major corporations, world-wide, and costing thousands of dollars.
  • Give yourself an edge with the support and guidance of a team of mentors — learn from others!  Whether you need advice or a sounding board, mentors can inspire and guide you.
  • The mentoring program is designed primarily for the benefit of participants.  You are encouraged to begin the relationship with specific goals and expectations.
  • Soon you will begin to broaden your leadership perspectives and knowledge of skills to further your success!  



Amanda Machacek

 "I participated in the mentoring program and without a doubt, it was the single most influential factor in my professional and personal transformation.  The time you spend with your mentor will not only help you manage all aspects of your life more effectively (creating more time to devote to the things you cherish most), it is a relatively small investment for the huge dividends you will likely receive from the life-long relationship."

 Amanda Machacek, LN '14